Annual All Night New Years Eve Ghost Hunt 2013 into 2014

The All Night New Years Eve Ghost Hunt has become an annual event for us at Gettysburg Paranormal Association. Each year it seems to get more & more popular! Robert, AKA, Night Monkey, and I lead this years hunt and it was a real blast! Just as we had last year, many of us gathered at King’s New York Pizza before the fireworks on the square. We enjoyed our last dinner of 2013 together as we discussed our favorite hunting memories of the past year. After the fireworks display was over the hunt began! Six full hours of ghost hunting to ring in the new year!! From 12:30 am to 6:60 am we were out searching for the spirits that linger in the historic town of Gettysburg. And we weren’t disappointment either! The spirits were very active. We began our search in the abandoned Hoffman Mansion.Next we split our group in half and headed off into separate locations. Robert choose to take his group to the McCurdy School House and I took off with my group to Sachs Bridge and a haunted building on Baltimore Street. The last leg of our adventure, Robert and I regrouped everyone and once again split up to investigate into smaller groups. I choose Reynolds Death House for my guests and Robert escorted his guests to the Gettysburg Ghost Lab. After we wrapped up at last (6:30 am) we headed over to the Avenue Dinner for a much needed hot breakfast! For those that joined us..A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!! YOU ROCKED THAT HUNT LIKE PROS! For those of you who missed it this year as well as everyone who did get the opportunity…WE HOPE TOO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!!


~ by gpablog on January 6, 2014.

2 Responses to “Annual All Night New Years Eve Ghost Hunt 2013 into 2014”

  1. Me and the family had a great time with Spooky and Night Monkey. First time doing a ghost hunt and enjoyed the hell out of it. These guys obviously take their craft seriously however they explain it all in a fun and easy to follow way. If this is something that you want to try out then I would seriously recommend this team and it was well worth the money. Looking forward to teaming up with these ‘crazy peeps’ again real soon. Thank GPA, it was an eye opening experience and really makes you think abouit that other dimension!

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